You're going to run into all sorts of "opportunities" when INSTALLING METAL FRAMES...SOMETIMES THEY'RE DIMPLED AND SOMETIMES THEY'RE NOT. Some are installed in CONCRETE AND others might attach to Wood Studs and then there are some that are straight METAL TO METAL. THIS FRAME SETTING KIT is what you need !! It INCLUDES SLEEVE ANCHORS, FLAT HEAD WOOD SCREWS AND CONCRETE ANCHOR SCREWS for various applications. YOU GET (24) 4", (24) 5" AND (24) 6" OF EACH TYPE . THAT'S 216 FRAME ANCHORS....Also included are 48 Fire Retardant WOOD SHIMS for wedging the frame into place ...100 Concrete Screws to secure the Frame down to the ground....the FD200 FRAME DIMPLER and a STURDY CARRYING BAG TO HOLD EVERYTHING ! When it comes to installing Frames ....SOMETIMES You Never Know what you Need until you Need it ...That's Why we've GOT IT !!
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