Stainless Steel DRILLING KIT.....INCLUDES 9 BITS !!

Drilling thru Stainless Steel wiLL GIVE you FITS ... ... unless... you have the RIGHT BITS...... !!! Our Stainless STeeL Drilling KIT will HELP YOU get the job done. Kit Includes Everything you need to drill up to 1/4" diameter hole thru Stainless Steel. Use the STEP BIT to make the pre-drilled holes Wider for thru bolts . Step Bit goes from 1/8" to 1/2". This KIT is a MUST if you're drilling thru Stainless Steel Doors and Frames. Just remember DRILL at LOW RPMS when drilling thru Stainless Steel ! If the Metal Turns BLUE... Your BIT ain't going thru. You generate Too much HEAT when the metal spins really fast against metal....and this makes the metal even HARDER ! You're NOT trying to make a FIRE, like rubbing two pieces of wood together. Your just trying to make a hole. Low RPMs are a MUST if you want the bit to start CUTTING. Gradually increase when you see the metal shavings....keep it steady and you're good to go. YOU get (8) Cobalt Super High Speed Drill BITS.. Made Specifically for STAINLESS STEEL & Hardening Grade of Stainless Steel and Heat Treated Materials ! TWO EACH (1/4", 13/64", 11/64", 5/32")....NOT ALL Cobalt bits are created equal. These are the REAL DEAL ! ALSO included (1) STEP BIT and (1) 8 oz. Burtha's Buttwax Lubricant. Bits in this KIT are NOT intended for use on GROUT FILLED FRAMES. BUT... If you DO have grout filled frames... You might wanna Check out OUR DRILLERZ & TAPPERZ KITS... It's like having Disposable Drill Bits !
Stainless Steel DRILLING KIT.....INCLUDES 9 BITS !!
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