You're getting a 750 SCREW Assortment for commercial door & hardware installations. Includes Specialty Self Drilling & Self Tapping Screws for installation of Hinges, Closers, Panic Devices, Kickplates, Weatherstripping, Push/Pulls and Astragals. (50) SDST HINGE & STRIKE REPAIR SCREWS FOR METAL DOORS & FRAMES, (50) HINGE & STRIKE REPAIR SCREWS FOR WOOD DOORS & FRAMES (50) SDST HINGE & STRIKE SCREWS, (50) HINGE & STRIKE SCREWS STAINLESS STEEL, (100) SDST CLOSER MOUNTING SCREWS 1-INCH, (50) SDST CLOSER MOUNTING SCREWS 2-INCH, (50) SDST CLOSER MOUNTING SCREWS 3-INCH, (100) SDST KICKPLATE SCREWS STAINLESS STEEL, (100) SDST WEATHERSTRIPPING SCREWS , (100) SDST ASTRAGAL/CONTINUOUS HINGE SCREWS, (50) SDST 10-24 STAINLESS STEEL SCREWS FOR PANIC DEVICES.
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  • Item #: SCP-750
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